Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vancouver real estate- Do you know what the market is doing?

When it comes to marketing and branding I always say the most important thing for any professional to do is to be seen as an expert in your field. We are in the information age, and consumers more now than ever are sponges for information. The real estate market is a great example of this. Over the past few years we have seen the market explode with houses selling the same day they are listed and we have also seen an explosion of real estate agents enter the market.

With the age of information also comes the age of confusion. The problem many consumers face now is what is credible information and who can we trust? I always tell the real estate professionals I work with the more useful information you can have associated with your name the easier it will be to separate yourself from the crowd.

It really is hard these days to go somewhere and not see the face of a real estate agent. We see advertising on buses, billboards, park benches, magazine and the list goes on. The challenge with these methods is they do not provide the consumer with what they are really after, information.

I was recently introduced to a piece of technology which does just that. A friend of mine Mike Stewart, who is a realtor in downtown Vancouver, has a great little tool on his website everyone who is looking for real estate should be using. It is a real estate tracker in real time letting you know what is available through all sources. One of the most impressive features of this is it has the information BEFORE MLS does; allowing the consumer to be up to date at all times.

Another useful benefit of this tool is you can monitor what houses are selling for. So why is this important to you? Let’s say you are looking to sell your house sometime in the next year but you are just waiting for the right time. This will allow you to monitor the houses in your neighbourhood and see what they are selling for thus giving you a great feel for what the market is doing.

In our world cluttered with advertising and marketing messages the only way to stand out is to make life easier for people. I think Mike is doing a fine job of standing out and allowing people to get the information they want and need at their own pace and on their own terms. Whether you are buying or selling you will definitely want to check this one out.


Chuck Brady

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